• Sally Burr says:

    I really enjoyed your post! That’s an interesting thing to notice – that people feel they can ask more questions now. I really like reading about how people get in to their careers. I bet a lot of people would enjoy reading more about your career working in make-up. I nearly signed up for a makeup course this year but unfortunately there weren’t enough people on the course and it was postponed.
    It’s interesting to point out too that there is a lot of information at our disposal, but not necessarily accurate.
    Do you know how to get work in film now? I’d love to see a picture of a professional make-up set. I bet it is mind-boggling. Thanks for the really interesting insight in to your life and career.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. I’m happy to say that yes, I do know how to get work in film as well as commercial, print and live performance (fashion shows). All aspects of the industry are a lot of fun.

  • WH says:

    I’m still trying to get there – how to work towards my goals and accomplish my dreams – but I do think people take more time to research now and I’m happy for all the experiences I am enjoying along the way too.

  • groovybrain says:

    Hi Lorrie,
    I really enjoyed your blog. It got me interested in your story and what you do, but I couldn’t find any pictures or examples of your work. Would love to see some pictures!

    The internet changed everything—education, health, parenting, how we interact. I agree with you, it woke some of us up to the fact that we were capable of getting answers to the questions we were asking. I’m a baby boomer, too. I think back and realize I just know I could find answers. If it had ever occurred to me to do some real research I would have gone to the library, but the internet cut me loose and gave me the ability to study things I was interested in at midnight in my own home. It was a great awakening for me! Sounds like it was for you, too.

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